Three Poems

by Kyle Seamus Brosnihan



I’m the cloud
the wind

has broken / in
like a horse

like the whole sea / breaks
against one small rock

Portrait of a Poet in Brand New Shorts

wore shorts for the first time all year
got my Chacos out of the closet
then my neighbor gave me a free hat
it's black with an MTV logo on it

so there I was, dressed for summer
and there I went, off to the prairie
to be alone with the sun

there's a bench out there
deep in the tall, tawny grass
where I sat, underneath the clouds
moving swiftly by, as if heaven
was in a hurry. I got out
my phone and read five poems
by Shelley loudly to myself

I spent the rest of my walk floating
like a feather in delight as the wind
of all that open space flooded
through me like a poem and I felt
very young / at last

The New Light

for a long time
we took baths in the dark

the light
that was broken
is still broken
but yesterday

we got a new light
clamped firmly
to the shampoo shelf

above my bath
a window

I dry myself
off in the light

and hope you are peeping
on my well-lit body / just because


Kyle Seamus Brosnihan is a poet from Lincoln, NE. He graduated from UNL in 2016 with a BA in English. Since then, he has been running a literary space called The Aliens, where he hosts a weekly writers group, organizes readings, and fosters creativity in his community.