Introduction to Issue Two

A Note from the Editors


We are standing in two moments, one where the rich summer’s heat rests under the collective hum of the neighborhood AC units, and the other, a time when the hum slows and the heat breaks.  

We stand at attention, attuned to summer’s departure, training ourselves to listen and knead the ingredients of memory and home, of loss, of shimmering streets and fires in the distance.   

Issue Two is an invitation to consume and contemplate. The doors have been flung open and waiting is a pie on the windowsill and ghosts at the table. We hope you'll pull up a chair and sit with us a spell.

— Cara Downey and Erin Calabria


Issue Two image credits – all photographs featured in the issue’s table of contents were taken or provided by our contributors with the following exceptions: photo credit Cara Downey for the issue cover and Catherine Stearn’s “Tarring the Road”; photo credit Erin Calabria for Matt Starr’s “Tenebrae” and C.C. Russell’s “Offerings.”